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"Friendship Quilt" Jar Topper

Friendship Quilt Jar Toppers have a rose in the center and can also be used as small accent doilies.

       The "Friendship Quilt Jar Topper" is a quick, easy accent for a gift of jelly, candy, or a candle in a fancy jar -- even bath salts or other items! Worked in Size 10 crochet cotton, this rose-centered topper fits a standard canning-jar lid and looks just like a lovely Easter Bonnet or sunhat when tied with tulle. Flat, it will make a pretty accent doily.

       This pattern for a single jar topper, with directions for several different color combinations, was created with several of my own creative friends in mind. One is an avid quilter who is also a member of a Red Hat group, always on the lookout for a unique "favor" when she is hosting a meeting. Another is the owner of Egress Etch Glass Etching Stencils and Supplies, who helped me create the custom-etched Friendship Quilt jars that are "modeling" the two different color combinations of the Jar Topper pattern.

       This Jar Topper pattern will be paired with a delicate large doily, which will be available soon, but with the holiday goodie-giving season just around the corner, I didn't want to wait to make the Jar Topper available to you.

       6% sales tax will be added to all orders for Michigan residents, but you can save printing, shipping and handling costs by ordering the PDF version of the pattern! It will be emailed to you immediately, and you may print it yourself at your leisure.

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ET-002E Friendship Quilt Jar Topper pattern -- Emailed PDF $1.50 Total*
ET-002P Friendship Quilt Jar Topper pattern -- Printed $1.50 + s/h
* Plus 6% tax for Michigan residents.

NOTE: If you'd like to try etching the Friendship Quilt Jars yourself, the concept will work on any square glass jar. Please see the Egress Etch Website for details on how to order custom-cut stencils.


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