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Irish Crochet Snowflakes

Irish Crochet Snowflakes use size 10 crochet thread and pearl beads for trim.

       The Irish Crochet Snowflakes are the most recent in a long line of "annual snowflakes from Michelle" that everyone on my Christmas list looks forward to every December. The top left corner ornament, in plain but elegant white crochet cotton and minus the pearl beads, was included with my 2006 Christmas cards. As anyone who has ever purchased my patterns knows, I like to play with variations, and just see what happens. If you're very observant, you will notice that the Irish Rose variation bears a striking resemblance to Eilene's Victorian Rose Doily and Easter Bonnet/Red Hat jar toppers (coming soon)!

       These Irish Crochet Snowflakes have not been previously published, and are available exclusively from this website -- though one of these snowflakes is featured in the 2009 Crochet Pattern-A-Day Calendar!

       6% sales tax will be added to all orders for Michigan residents, but you can save printing, shipping and handling costs by ordering the PDF version of the pattern! It will be emailed to you immediately, and you may print it yourself at your leisure.

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EC-001E Irish Crochet Snowflakes -- PDF $4.95 Total*
EC-001P Irish Crochet Snowflakes -- Printed $4.95 + s/h*
* Plus 6% tax for Michigan residents.

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