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Annie's Attic Pattern Reprint Request Info:


     Great news for those of you who are looking for long out-of-print Annie's Attic patterns -- Annie's Attic is bringing back the most popular patterns from the past for which they consistently receive requests!

      If you would like to see any of the Annie's Attic patterns on my website reprinted -- or any other Annie's Attic pattern, for that matter -- PLEASE email your request to: or "snail mail" to:

Annie at Annie's Attic Catalog
306 E. Parr Rd.
Berne, IN 46711.

     You can also fill out the "Catalog Product Suggestions and Ideas" form on the Annie's Attic website.

     Be sure to state the name of the pattern or pattern booklet, the designer (if known), and the publication in which the pattern first appeared. For my patterns, the info is on the desciption / ordering pages, and you may pass along the URL if you think it might be helpful.

     I'm told that those patterns for which they receive the greatest number of requests will be considered for reprinting.


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