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Bobbie Sox & Polka Dots

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The Bobbie Sox and Polka Dots pattern set was inspired by growing up in the 1950's!

       Bobbie Sox and Polka Dots reminds me of growing up in a time of hot pink and turquoise, polka dots and pearl necklaces, and going shopping with my Grama every Friday morning. Malls were unheard of, and you always looked your best to go Uptown.

Insted of rhinestones, you can also glue a dog applique to the skirt.       I vividly remember full-skirted dresses with scratchy crinoline underneath to make them "pouffy," circle skirts with poodles and other animals/ things decorating them (mine was a hand-me-down from my cousin and featured cats -- though, like Dodie, I would have much preferred Spots), and saddle shoes (which I hated!) Grama dressed carefully, "putting on her face," doing her nails, and topping it all off with a smart hat.

       We caught the bus at the corner, started at the City Building to pay bills, then worked our way down the street, stopping in at all sorts of stores on the way. The outing always ended with Coke and donuts at Corner Kresgee's -- the one with the donut machine in the window so that you could watch your snack being made.

The Shopping With Grama set is still available separately.       This pattern set is sized for 18" stuffed bodied dolls such as American Girls™, Götz, Springfield, Battat, Mme. Alexander playdolls, etc. Worked in size 10 crochet cotton, Bobbie Sox and Polka Dots includes two outfits: "Dodie's Dalmatians" and "Shopping With Grama" (which is also still available separately). Instructions are included for Dodie's Spotted Skirt, Blouse w/Attached Petticoat (which doubles as Robin's "Shopping With Grama" dress), Crinoline Half Slip, Neck Scarf, Headband, Pearl Necklace and Bracelet, Pocketbook, and even a leash for Dodie's Dalmatian friend!

       The Bobbie Sox and Polka Dots pattern set has not been previously published (though you might find the Calendar version of "Shopping With Grama" still out there) , and the printed version is available exclusively from this website.

       6% sales tax will be added to all orders for Michigan residents, but you can save printing, shipping and handling costs by ordering the PDF version of the pattern! It will be emailed to you immediately, and you may print it yourself at your leisure.

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Order Bobbie Sox and Polka Dots Complete Set:

     NOTE: Due to the problems some folks have had receiving emailed PDF's, I am adding a new option for purchasing: Electronic Download via

     You will still check out using PayPal, but the Ravelry Buy Now link will take you directly to the Ravelry checkout instead of our shopping cart so that you will be able to download your pattern(s) immediately and securely!

      You DO NOT have to be a Ravelry member to order through this link -- and I actually recommend it over emailed PDF's!

ED-017E Bobbie Sox and Polka Dots 1950's inspired pattern set is finally here! Bobbie Sox and Polka Dots Electronic Download from
$8.95 Total*
ED-017E Bobbie Sox and Polka Dots - Emailed PDF $8.95 Total*
ED-017P Bobbie Sox and Polka Dots - Printed $8.95 + s/h
* Plus 6% tax for Michigan residents.

Order Shopping With Grama ONLY:

"Shopping With Grama" was always intended to be part of this pattern set, but will still be available separately. "Shopping With Grama" was the 2nd Prize Winner, Crochet Pattern-A-Day Calendar, 2010!

ED-009E Shopping With Grama is a 1950s - inspired outfit for your favorite 18 inch doll. Shopping With Grama ONLY Electronic Download from
$5.95 Total*
ED-020E Shopping With Grama ONLY - Emailed PDF $5.95 Total*
ED-020P Shopping With Grama ONLY - Printed $5.95 + s/h
* Plus 6% tax for Michigan residents.


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