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Exclusive Patterns for Dolls, Doll Clothing, & Accessories

       Michelle Crean of Treasured Heirlooms Crochet has been designing crochet patterns for publication by companies such as Annie's Attic, The Needlecraft Shop, Annie Potter Presents, and Herrschners for over 25 years. Now, we are pleased to be able to bring you new, exclusive, and exciting designs, avalilable only from this website! Custom designs or revisions of patterns in different sizes will also be available. Please Email us to discuss custom work.

       All Treasured Heirlooms Crochet Exclusive patterns are available in either regular Printed or PDF (emailable) formats. (What is PDF?) Please note: emailed patterns are protected under the US Copyright Laws. You may print for your own use, but please do not distribute to others in any form, either printed or electronic, and please do not resell.

Please click on any photo for a larger view and full description.

Donna Raye's Gemstone Twins patterns for 5-inch chubby baby dolls
Donna Raye's Gemstone Twins
ED-023 -- $9.95
Details & Ordering
Annabelle's (Doll) Afghans
BRAND NEW for 2016!
Annabelle's (Doll) Afghans
ED-024 -- $9.95
Details & Ordering
Donna Raye and Her Doll
BRAND NEW for 2017!
Donna Raye and Her Doll
ED-025 -- $6.95
Details & Ordering
Candy Canes & Jingle Bells outfits for 5 inch, 7-1/2 inch, and 8 inch baby dolls.
Candy Canes & Jingle Bells
ED-021 -- $8.95
Details & Ordering
Spring and Blossom matching outfits for 18-inch little girl dolls and 5-inch baby dolls.
A Friend For All Seasons:
Spring & Blossom
Matching outfits for 18-inch little girl dolls and 5-inch baby dolls
ED-022 -- $7.95
Details & Ordering
Blossom, the matching 5-inch doll outfit.
A Friend For All Seasons:
Blossom 5" doll pattern ONLY
ED-022a -- $5.95
Details & Ordering
Bitsy Betsy and Her Blankie Cozy Sleepy Set for 5-inch baby dolls.
Bitsy Betsy and Her Blankie
ED-020 -- $5.95
Details & Ordering
Cozy Caftan set fits both 15 inch baby dolls and 18 inch little girl dolls
Cozy Caftan Set for 18" Dolls and 15" Baby Dolls
ED-019 -- $8.95
Details & Ordering
Bobbie Sox and Polka Dots 1950's inspired pattern set is finally here!
Bobbie Sox & Polka Dots
ED-017 -- $8.95
Details & Ordering
Myrande's Christening set for 5 inch or 7.5 inch baby dolls.
Donna Raye's Dolls
Patterns for all outfits are now available separately!
ED-013 -- $5.95 / $9.95
Details & Ordering
Rainbow Sherbet Layette for 15 inch dolls
Rainbow Sherbet 15" Baby Doll Layette
ED-008 -- $9.95
Details & Ordering
Belinda's Blessing Christening Layette for 15 inch - 18 inch - 20 inch baby dolls.

Belinda's Blessing
ED-018 -- $8.95
Details & Ordering
Coming Soon: Victorian Elegance antique-inspired gowns, plus matching wooden spoon dolls, for 18" dolls
Victorian Elegance for 18" Dolls
ED-005 -- $8.95
Details & Ordering
Victorian Elegance II: Tess and Julia
Victorian Elegance II: Tess & Juila
ED-010 -- $8.95
Details & Ordering
Holly and Ivy holiday dresses
Holly and Ivy
ED-016 -- $8.95
Details & Ordering
Cozy Post Stitch Doll Afghan & Pillow Set
Cozy Post Stitch Doll Afghan & Pillow Set
ED-011 -- $4.95
Details & Ordering
Pastel roses doll blanket and pillow set
"Annabelle's Rose" Doll Blankie & Pillows
ED-002 -- $4.95
Details & Ordering
Becca Loves Butterflies dresses for 18 inch dolls
Becca Loves Butterflies for 18" dolls
ED-007 -- $5.95
Details & Ordering
Victorian Elegance antique-inspired wooden dolls
"Victorian Elegance" Wooden Dolls
ED-004 -- $7.95
Details & Ordering
Shopping With Grama is a 1950s - inspired outfit for your favorite 18 inch doll.
Shopping With Grama
'50's Inspired outfit for 18" dolls
now included as part of the new Bobbie Sox & Polka Dots set (as it was always meant to be), but still available separately.
ED-009 -- $5.95
Details & Ordering
Back To Kansas Dorothy and Emerald Rainbow Party Dress
Back To Kansas
ED-015 -- $7.95
Details & Ordering
Myrande's Christening set for 5 inch or 7.5 inch baby dolls.
Myrande's Christening
ED-012 -- $5.95
Details & Ordering
"Americ-Anna" is a red, white, and blue all-American cookie cutter girl.
"Americ-Anna" Rag Doll Cookie Cutter
ED-003 -- $4.95
Details & Ordering
Petticoats & Crinolines for 18 inch doll
Long & Short Petticoats & Crinolines for 18" Doll
ED-006 -- $5.95
Details & Ordering

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