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Page updated 20 April 2023
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       Some are brand-new, most are used; age and condition vary from near-mint recent publications to not-so-hot well-used editions. Please note that these publications come from various sources, and may have been stored in a smoking environment. I'll try to note obvious defects, but may miss something.

        Unless otherwise noted, I have only one of each publication. Due to copyright laws, I can only sell patterns in the form in which they are published -- no photocopies, scans, pdf's, etc. First come, first served, and all patterns sold "as is."

       Please Email me with any questions before ordering. I'll be adding to the list periodically, so if you're looking for something special, keep checking back!

       Shipping & Handling will be added to all orders, as well as 6% sales tax for MI residents.

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Crochet World Magazine (P. 1, 1970's - 1980's):

Crochet World magazine was originally published by House of White Birches. To keep them economical, the earlier editions were printed on paper that was just a step up from newsprint, so older issues will likely have age- yellowed pages. If I remember correctly, the magazine went out of print for a while, but then came back with higher- quality glossy pages, and it is still in publication from DRG.

  Crochet World Christmas Annual, 1981.

Crochet World Christmas Annuals

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  Crochet World Omnibook, Winter 1982

Crochet World Omnibooks

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  Crochet World Christmas In July, 1983.

Crochet World Christmas In July Special Issues

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  Crochet World Crochet Christmas 1987.

Crochet World Crochet Christmas

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  Crochet World Winter Special, 1990.

Crochet World Winter Specials

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GS-5657 Annie's The Crochet World Collection 2001 - 2010 on DVD

The Crochet World Collection 2001 - 2010 on DVD, Annie's, 2012. More than 1,500 patterns from 60 full-color issues, plus 2 newsstand-only specials on a single computer disc. PDF format (requires free Adobe Reader®) makes it EASY to search and find individual patterns. (System requirements: a computer with a DVD-ROM drive and a current version of the free Adobe Reader installed.) BRAND NEW 2012 RELEASE!

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GS-6963 Crochet World Presents Blue Ribbon Crochet

Crochet World Presents Blue Ribbon Crochet, Crochet World, 2015.

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GS-6631 Crochet World Presents Fun With Color in Thread

Crochet World Presents Fun With Color in Thread, Crochet World Magazine, 2014.

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GS-6864 Crochet World, October 1978.

Crochet World, October 1978. Patterns include: Lovable Huggables Ladybug, Skating outfit for 11" little girl doll, Endless Chain Mohair Chill Chasers, Cooky Cutter Shapee, Elegant Buttons, Snowmobile Helmet and Mittens, Delicate Edging for A Handkerchier, Super Duper Dragon, Wastebasket, Lamp Shade, Multicolored Afghan, Classic Brick Accent Rug, Scalloped Border Table Mat, Cookie Bear, Pixie, Mother/ Daughter Hat and Scarf Set, Fashion Dolls in Crochet, Crochet Hat with Cross Stitch, Panty Potholder, Different Ripple Carriage Cover, Art Work in an Afghan, Pinwheel Luncheon Set, Table Runner, Girl's Crocheted Dress, Orange, Filet Baby Bonnet (in size 70 crochet cotton). Cover just split completely up the spine and is in two pieces, but aside from page yellowing mentioned above, pages are in good condition.

GS-5178 Crochet World, December 1978.

Crochet World, December 1978. Patterns include: Magazine/ Sewing Caddy, Christmas Stocking, Irish Crochet Cushion, Cluny Design Tablecloth, Chilly Winter Doll and Snowflakes, Block Lace for Pillowcases, 1930 Cockatoo Design in Filet Crochet, Gift Holders, Flying Saucer and Five Little Green Men Finger Puppets, Mouse Hand Puppet, Baby Bottle Cover, Lace Shawl, Snowman, Miniature Stocking; Coasters, Place Mat & Tree Decorations set, Santa dress for 11" little girl doll, Sunny Side Potholder & Mat Set, Pineapple, Hanging Frame, Christmas Ball, Jack & Jill Overalls, Dicky & Ann Skirt & Shorts, Elegant Inserts, Light as a Feather Shawl, Granny Square Christmas Stockings, Handbag in Popcorn Stitch, Vest, Rose Doily, Bath Set (Bath Mat, Facial Tissue Cover, Toilet Lid Cover and Toilet Roll Cover). Good condition -- may have "dog-eared" front cover or former owner's name written on cover.

GS-6865 Crochet World, February 1979.

Crochet World, February 1979. Crochet Pillow for a Novice, Butterfly & Rose Chair Set, Spiral Pull Stitch Afghan, Fashion Dolls in Crochet (crochet dolls), Bulky Pullover Sweater, Original Crocheted Turban, Rushes in the Sun Stylized Pillow, Square Potholders, Old- Fashioned Girl Doll Costume (8 - 9" little girl doll), Little Girl's Dress & Hair Ornament, Tall Clown Doll, Commode Top, Character Doll (looks like Ernie Muppet), Quick Booties, Lady's Muff Bag, Puritan Bedspread, Log Cabin Bedspread, Sewing Bag and Case, Bicentennial Flag: State of Virginia, Curtain Pulls (Rose, Wheel, Hexagon, Basket, Narcissus, Crystal, Starlet, Leaf, Star, Shell, Diamond, Tassel), Bridal Dress for 11" little girl doll, Pocket Watch & Pillow Watch, Coronation Chair Set, Indian Motif Multicolored Afghan, Rose Money Belt. Good condition.

GS-6867 Crochet World, April 1979.

Crochet World, April 1979. Celtic Stained Glass Cross Afghan, Fashion Dolls in Crochet (Crochet Becky Bride and Scott Groom), Granny Square Toaster Cover, The Mathmatics of Knitting and Crocheting, Baby Booties, Toy Block in Afghan Stitch, Finger Puppet Bear, Crocheted Hen & Eggs for Easter, A Round Tablecloth, Toilet Tissue Cover, Lovable Huggables Mouse Dolls, An Attractive Mat in Filet Crochet, Small Boy Sweater, Forget Me Not Carriage Cover, Heaxagon Crochet Hat, Cherries, Fancy Ripplet Pillow, "Princess of Star Galaxy" dress for 7" doll, Americana Jumper, Cotton and Wool Blend Fedora, Baby Afghan, Cloche- type Hat, Swing- a- By Cradle for 6" Baby Doll, Dress Coat for Fashion Doll, Tennis Racket Cover, Bunny Pin, Crochet Cottage, Shag Stretch Flowerpot Cover, Dress Up Beret for the Teenager. Good condition.

GS-6868 Crochet World, June 1979.

Crochet World, June 1979. Coat Sweater, Easy Fold- Over Purse, Filigree Beauty, Autumn Sands Afghan, Suspenders in Tunisian Crochet, Panty Potholder, Boat- Neck Drawstring Pullover, with Hat, Pincushion, Doll Clothing Chest for fashion doll wardrobe, Granny Doorknob Cover, Elegant Roses Afghan, Filet Scarf, Filet and Cross- Stitch Designs (Duck, Apple Butterfly, Girl), Crocheted Stole, Popcorn Stitch Bedspread, Single Crochet Evening Belt, Patio Doily, Fiesta Party Apron, ABC Block, Lacy Crocheted Lampshade, A mobile of Butterflies, Sammy Scarecrow, Snuggle Cap & Scarf, Wonderdog Hot Dog, Superburger, Basic Beige Tunic, Covered Canister with Lid, Pear, Personalized Place Mat, Long Tom Afghan, Harlequin Scarf and Hat. Good condition.

GS-8138 Crochet World Omni Book, Spring 1980.

Crochet World Omni Book, Spring 1980. Raggedy Ann & Andy Afghan, Carol's crochet carnival Sunny Days Bookcover, Prickles the Porcupine, Porker the Pig, Tomi's Treasure Chest Swan Centerpiece, Precious Susie the Siamese Cat, Antique Attic: Shawl for the Destitue Women of France, Granny Square Pullover Sweater, Easter Delights (Easter Bunnies, Easter Eggs), Large Easter Bunny, Pineapple Potpourri Apron, Stole Stals Spring, Pixie's Projects Mother Love Doll, Filet Crib Cover, Popular Place Mats, Handbag for Spring, Creative Potholders, Flower Basket, Spring Flowers, Designer Doilies (Small Oval Pinwheel, Small Round Pinwheel, Tiny Round Pinwheel), Step Into Spring, Large Ruffled Doily, Goodbye to Winter Ski Hats; article "Crochet is as old as the hills." Page yellowing, but otherwise very good condition.

GS-7024 Crochet World, June 1980.

Crochet World, June 1980. Crocheted Monster Overalls, Fashion Doll Sisters' Shorts Set, Tooth Fairy Doll/ Christmas Angel, Fashion Dolls in Crochet (Crocheted dolls Tim the Best Man and Carla the Bridesmaid), Honey Bear Pillow Pet, Wedding Date Sampler, Super Shawl, Cactus Flower Doorstop, Buddy Bear, Leaf Pattern in Filet, Beer Mug Toilet Tissue Cover, Gnome, Piglet Baby Rattle, Misty Landscape Sleeveless Coat, Lacy Shell Baby Set (Sweater, Bonnet, Booties), Party Favor Pillows, Daisy Pillowcase and Sheet Edging and Insertion, Crochet Shell,Flowerpot Cover, Refrigerator or Bathroom Towels, One- Square Afghan, Spring's Delight Centerpiece, Baby Bib, Toddler's Bib, Granny Sweatshirt, Cactus Garden. Very yellowed pages, but otherwise good condition.

$6.99 SOLD
GS-6920 Crochet World, October 1980.

Crochet World, October 1980. Rock- A- Bye Horsey, Brick Doorstop Cover, Doll Pincushion, Baby Hat and Mitts Sets, The Magic Clothesline Filet, Autumn Tree with Dog, Toilet Tissue & Soap Covers, T-Shirt (Infant to Adult Size), Mama Mouse, Baby Monkey, Macra- Crochet Wall Hanging, Clown Ring Stacker, A Super Shrug (size 8 - 12), Crocheted Ski Mask, Applique Tote, Kitchen Witch, Rose Remembrance Pincushion and Pot Holder, Reversible Rose Pillow, Bewitched Treats Mobile, Pillow, Snappy Man's Hat, Fashion Doll Bathing Suit and Coverup, African Violet Ruffle Doily, Slippers. Good used condition.

GS-6921 Crochet World Omnibook, Winter 1980.

Crochet World Omnibook, Winter 1980. Recycled Christmas Tree, Fisherman Bathroom Tissue Cover, Soap on a Rope, Poodle Dog Deodorant Bottle Cover, Deodorizer Pouch, Lacy Motif Bedjacket, Lapel Snowman, Tiny Golf Bag, Ascot, Doggie Coat, Lacy Striped Vest, Pineapple Potpourri Boudoir Spread, Baby Bottle Cover- Up, Reinder- In- The- Forest Afghan, Fall Choice Afghan, No Sew Afghan with Matching Pillow, Flower Garden Afghan, Baby Slant- Stitch Afghan, Green & White Golf Afghan, Cozy Toe Covers, Hunter's Helmet, Crochet Painting Wall Hanging, Presidential First Ladies (Edity Roosevelt, Julia Grant, Grace Coolidge), Mother/ Daughter Rainbow Ponchos, Antique Bonnet and Bootees for the Baby, Hooded Winter Scarf, Bulky Mittens, 25th & 50th Anniversary Doilies, Mum Lace Pattern Centerpiece, Mum Lace Pattern Doily, Baby Bib, Your Friendly Banker From Outer Space. Cover pulling loose at staples, but otherwise good used condition.

GS-8139 Crochet World No. 1 Special Issue, 1981.

Crochet World No. 1 Special Issue, 1981. Radiant Star Bedspread, Pineapples & Maypops Runner, Granny Square Tote Bag and Needle Case, Curtain Call, Working the Scalloped Edging, Ripple Flower Potholder, Sunburst Afghan, Owl, Jean's Fashion Scene: The Capelet, Lacy Crochted Place Mats, The Stitch Family Dobson, Baby Sandals, Fansy Fashions Baby Doll Pajamas, Granny Sunbonnet, Curious Puppy, Octavius. Moving on With Crochet -- Doll Baby Bunting and Basket, Puppets, Teddy Rattle, Navajo Pillow, Crochet Potpourri, Folding Potholder, Fruit Sculpture, Cup and Saucer with Doily, Disco Purse, Circle Point Doily, Crochet for the Left- Handed -- Something for Baby, Frilly Doily. Page yellowing; otherwise, very good used condition.

$6.99 SOLD
GS-8808 Crochet World Omnibook, Spring, 1981.

Crochet World Omnibook, Spring, 1981. Perky the Clothespin Owl, Managing A Home Craft Shop, Potholders: Perennial Favorites, (Cantaloupe Potholder, Happy Face Potholder, Crocheted Traffic Light Potholder, Baking Soda Box Potholder, Eggs-Tra Potholder, Drop Seat Pajama Potholder, Blooming Hot Pad), Home Sweet Home Pillow Top of Panel, Luncheon Set (Place Mat, Napkin Ring, Glass Cozy), Pineapple Pincushion, Decorator Flowers, Easter Bonnet, Presidential First Ladies, Part 4 (8" dolls; Eleanor Roosevelt, Jacqueline Kennedy, Rosalynn Carter), Bicycle Garters, Bride Doll, Pillow Doll, Raggedy Ann, Thumbsuckers Puppet Doll in Blanket, Dress for 19" Doll, Boy Doll Set (12" - 13" baby doll; Top, Pants, Booties, Hat), Wee Little Easter Bunny, Chic Collar, Non Edible Fridgies (Watermelon Slice, Onion, Carrot, Lime, Apple, Lemon), Susan Valentine doll, Shamrock, Gifts for Men (Tie, Visored Headband, Headband, Belt), Sleeveless Spring Top, Gnomes Tree Ornaments, Angel Ornaments, Duclking Baby Sweater and Pants, Striped Infant Bodysuit, Golf Club Covers, Two- Piece Diaper Set, Love- Me- Baby doll, Petunia Puppet, The Miss Ohio Doily, Daint Mary Jane Booties, Rickrack Edging. Page yellowing, former owner's name/ address stamped on cover; otherwise, very good used condition.

GS-7437 Crochet World, October 1981.

Crochet World, October 1981. Yellow Shell Infant Dress, Octopus Pincushion, Knee Warmers, Girl's Granny Square Hat, Little Angel Bottlesucking Dolling, Pin Photo, Filet Crochet Windmill Doily, Pillowcase Insertion, Wreath of Roses Doily, Rose Trellis Doily, Rose Pillow, Pumpkin Filet Crochet Wall Hanging, Reversible Blanket, Nautical Afghan, Fashion Doll's Five- Piece Halter Neck Ensemble (Cardigan, Jumpsuit, Playsuit, Evening Dress, Sun Dress), Butterfly Fridgies, Oval Dresser or Chair Set, Kitchen Kernals, 2 Jewelled Collars, Cute Country Cousin Dolls (Boy and Girl), Easy Baby Afghan, Doll Dress for Large Doll, Miniature Halloween Witch, Boys' Striped Cross- Over Collar Pullover, Hooded Baby Sweater and Bootie Set. Good used condition.

$6.99 SOLD
GS-5116 Crochet World, December 1981.

Crochet World, December 1981. Crochet pattern of the month: Nativity Finger Puppets. Also, girls' Stocking Stuffer Jacket, Baby Doll Pajamas for fashion doll, Placemat/ Doily, Soap Snuggy, Christmas Tree Skirts, Christmas Tree Puppet Bag, Plains Indian Wall Hanging, Doll Dress/ Panties for 15-1/2" doll, Christmas Candle Filet Wall Hanging, Baby Bonnet, Storytelling Glove, Angel, Potholder, Holiday Turkey, Bells, Joy hanging, Santa & Elf Bags, Cap, Ornaments (Candy Canes, Stares, Holly, Candle, Tree, Snowman, Doll, Soldier, Santa Hat, Gingerbread, etc.), Stuffed Rudolf & Elf dolls. Something cut from back cover, but otherwise good condition.

GS-8140 Crochet World, Winter 1981.

Crochet World, Winter 1981. Pretty Seamless Vest, Mr. & Mrs. Snowman Filet, Pixie's Projects -- Versitile Ornament, Antique Attic -- Altar Cloth, Clown Door Drafter, Fuzzy Slippers, Peace for a Happy Hanukkah, Barbie's Christmas Dress, Sweet Poodle Scarf, Designer Bag, Decorative Tree Skirt, Terrific Afghans (Stadium Blanket, Lovely Surprise Afghan, Pretty Baby Sampler Quilt Afghan, Christmas Cross Stitch Afghan, Puff Wheels Afghan), Dog Pencil Holder, Doll Crayon Holder, Tomi's Treasure Chest -- Soccer Ball Scores, Decorativ Gasket, Frilly Basket, The Christmas Corner -- Treeful of Beautiful Trims (Partridge, Pear, Dogwood Ornaments, Grandma's Photo Ornament, Birdhouse TreeOrnament, Rose Wreath and Green Wreath Ornaments), Ho Ho Ho Santa, Dominoes, Backgammon Board, Checker Board & Game Pieces, Finger Puppets -- Toe Toppers -- Tiny Toys (Binky the Bunny, Pokey the Puppy, Coco the Clown, Bottle Baby, Mischief the Mouse, Pineapple Potpourri -- Round Tablecloth, Baby Boy's Hat, Tree Garland, Who's New. Page yellowing but otherwise very good used condition.

$6.99 SOLD
GS-6922 Crochet World, April 1982.

Crochet World, April 1982. Cute & Quick Potholders (Madame Mushroom & Tommy Turtle), Child's Crocheted Purse, Delicate Doily, Little Leprechaun, Roses, Bird in Her Nest, Infant Loop Stitch Hanger, Mare and Her Foal (with Bridle, Saddle, Blanket, Feed Bag, and Bridle Plume), Crocheted Carriage Robe, Doll Skirt and Top for 16-1/2" doll, Crochet Switch- About Earrings andPendants, Danny Duck Puppet, Dizzy Duck Puppet, Pint- Size Animals (Squirrel, Beaver, Skunk, Goat, Giraffe, Horse, Donkey, Jonny Sneaks Sneakers, Reversible Sewing Machine Cover, St. Pat's Day Hot Mat and Napkin Holder, The First Butterfly of Spring Jumper or Dress, Granny Square Sampler, Sofa Pillow, Bunny Basket, Quick Basket, Bud Vase, Jelly Bean Egg, Jelly Bean Baskets, Rosary Beads, Cross Bible Marker, Lacy Collar, Owl, Stepping Out Barbie Dress. Good condition.

GS-6923 Crochet World Omnibook, Spring 1982.

Crochet World Omnibook, Spring 1982. Hat Pincushion and Trinket Box, Bridal Horseshoe, Bridal Shoe, Antique Shoe, Father & Son Vests, Pineapple Ruffle Doily, Strawberry Preserves Potholder, Child's Rainbow Jumper or Sundress, Seminole Maiden, Strawberries, Shamrock Wall Hanging, Gentleman Bunny, Peep Egg Cover, Duck Egg Cover, Lady Bunny, Plastic Bottle Easter Bunny, Little Bunnies, Easter Basket Fridgie, Large Easter Basket, Easter Bunny Wall Hanging, Christening Outfit for 14" Baby Doll (Dress, Hat, Panties, and Blanket), Baby Christening Dress, Barbie Doll Patterns (Poncho Set, Red Outfit, Zig Zag Sweater, Colonial Shawl and Hat, Tabbard Set), Bride Doll (7-1/2" doll), Strawberry Shortcake Doll Outfit, Spanish Dancer (7-1/2" doll), Two Piece Dress for 19" Doll, "Bride Doll, Shorty, & Ruffles" for 7-1/2" little girl dolls, Tiny Butterflies, Tiny Basket or Pin- On, Egg Warmers, Tiny Bunny, Baby Chick, Lamb Pocketbook, Eagle Valley Butterfly, Infant Jumpsuit, Holiday Trio Snowpeople, Daisy Design Camisole, Onion Planter. Good used condition.

GS-6924 Crochet World, June 1982.

Crochet World, June 1982. Shell Over Shell Vest, Place Mats - Rugs - Hot Pads, Three - Layer Granny Square, Duster Doll, Toy Elephant, Spring Bonnet for Baby, Darling Bed Doll Pillow, Lazy Daisy Collar, Parrot in a Ring, Wedding or Anniversary Cake, Bridal Gloves, Quick & Easy Dresser Scarf, Strawberry Tea Cozy, Strawberry Basket, Women's Striped Vest, Sachet Holder, Wedding Bell Favors, Delicate Veil Edging, Pixies for Fingers or Applique (6 facesthat look a lot like Sesame Street Characters), Little Girl's Pinafore Apron, Ken's Wedding Day, Barbie's Prom Night, Teeny Weeny Bikini for toddlers, Freedon Wall Hanger, Love Knot Top for girls. Good condition.

GS-7067 Crochet World, August 1982.

Crochet World, August 1982. Musical Pillows (Notes, Clefs), Fan Bedspread, Bath Covers (Toilet Tissue Cover, Kleenex Cover), Frog Puppet or Toy, Child's Back Pack, Deer TV Hassock, Yarn Flowers (Rose, Easter Lily, Tulip, 5- PetalFlower, Poinsettia), Ladies' Charted Peasant Blouse, Traffic Sign Wallhangings (Stoplight, Detour, Stop), Crissy Clothes (Dress- Jacket- Hat Set, Dress - Hat - Purse Set, 2 Dress - Hat sets, Robe), Filet Centerpiece, Blues Bag, Star Potholder, Rose Motif Collar, Humpty Dumpty Bank, Granny Square Samplers (Katrina's Petuia Pentagon, Mums and Butterflies), Delicate Delight Doily, Duffle Weekender, Decoratie Border, Owl Note Holder, Beginner's Camisole, Baby Afghan in Begonia Stitch, Spaced Iris Stitch, Granite Stitch. Good condition.

GS-8429 Crochet World Omnibook, Summer 1982.

Crochet World Omnibook, Summer 1982. Anchor Your Place bookmark, Baby Buggy Dress (Toddler), Girl's Bow Halter, Bride & Groom Bottle Covers, Shell Bridal Shower Umbrella and Rosettes, Kitchen Chair Cover Set and Matching Potholder, Heirloom Window Curtains, Pineapple Starburst Doily, Checkmate Checkbook Cover, Granny Square Earrings, Crocheted American Flag, Red White & Blue Doll Pincushion, One Nation Under God Filet Wall Hanging US Map, Infant Boy's Aqua Crocheted Sweater Set (Sweater, Cap, Booties), Baby Sweater, Lacy Baby Poncho, Rainbow Fridgie, Tennis Ball Pouch, Granny Snowflake Tree Ornament, Mini Stocking, Granny Star Tree Ornament, Napkin Corner Matching the Cherry Bough, Rose Sachet, Citrus Delight Crocheted Purse, Chain Diamond Shawl, Ballerina Motif for Boutique T- Shirt, Cat Door Stop, Infant Seat Cover, Back Scratcher or Body Masager, Painted Lace Doily, Painted Lace Coasters, Forget- Me- Not Doily, Double Diamond Dresser Scarves, Dand Dollar Doily, sparkling Dewdrop Doily, Crown of Thorns Doily, 6- Point Star Doily. Cover wear, but otherwise good used condition.

$6.99 SOLD
GS-7025 Crochet World Omnibook, Fall 1982

Crochet World Omnibook, Fall 1982. Antique Attic Child's Yoke, Frilly Flo Armadillo,Dollhouse Boutique ( Fashion Doll Striped Dress & Hat, Strapless Dress & Cape, White Dress & Hat), Pair of Pilgrims outfits for 8" Kewpie Dolls, Easy Hairband, Witch Basket, Thanksgiving Turkey, Turkey Bowl, Witch Lapel Pin, Girl's Shrink, Boy's Vest, Boy's Vest II, Girl's Coat-Cape, Turtle Neck Dickey, Child's Sweater, Pencil Case, Money Pouch, Pleated Skirt, Crochet Unicorn, PineapplePotpourri Dainty Ladies Pineapple Lady Duchess Set, Scrappy Xaterpillar, Beaver Twins, Football Player Doll, Cheerleader Doll, Tanya Marie Doll, Percy Panther, Potholder Contest Winners (Potholder Trio, Rainbow & Apple Blossoms, Triceratops, Stegosaurus), Basketball and Hoop, Football Pillow, Baby Basinette for small baby doll, Witch, Pumpkin Pin- On, Round Owl, Christmas Wall Hanging. Very good used condition.

$6.99 SOLD
GS-6925 Crochet World, October 1982.

Crochet World, October 1982. Pink Shell Sweater, Owl Pin or Spice Rope, Magic Wand, Pumpkin Treat Pin, Halloween Pop- Up Toy, Witch Pop-up Puppet, Halloween Lantern Potholder or Decoration, Bat, Cobweb Catcher, Hat- Scarf- Mittens Set, Little Girl's Pullover, Mushrooms Toaster cover, Buterfly Toaster Cover, Sweet Hobby Horse, Get Set For Winter Vest, Snowdrops and Lace Afghan, Flower Fantasy Tablecloth, Pig Halloween Mask, Ripple Stitch Housecoat, Panda Bear, Hunting Vest, Colorful Vest, Cardigan, Pearl Rope Necklace, Pastel Illusions Necklace. Something carefully cut out of Classifieds section, but doesn't interfere with any patterns. Otherwise, good condition.

$6.99 SOLD
GS-5623 Crochet World, December 1982

Crochet World, December 1982. Crocheted Wreath with Poinsetia & Holly, Thimble Holder on a Wishbone, Star of David Bookmark, Fireplace, Little Boy's Afghan Stitch Variation Vest, Easy Tree Trims (Stocking, Candy Cane, Bell, Ball, Snowflake in yarn), 7 Snowflakes in thread, Christmas Wall Hanging in Filet, Vest - Ruffled Skirt - Purse set, Super Swift Sweater, Party- Holiday Basket, Christmas Tree Skirt, Ornament or Tree Top Angel, Santa & Mrs Claus on Skis wall hanging, Train Stocking, Mrs. Kringle - Soldier - Drum can covers, Christmas Tree Pillow, Bells, "Peggles" dolls, Noel Barbie, Christmas Puppets, Bell Angel, "CROK" (Crochet looks like Knit) Nativity Set, Fashion Doll Tiara. Much- loved book -- pages yellowed, some small tears, battered cover. Everything is here and readable, though!

$7.99 SOLD
GS-7026 Crochet World June 1983.

Crochet World June 1983. Butter Popcorn Top, Stemware Coasters, Hide- A- Roll Bridal Party Toilet Tissue Covers, Rag Rug, Mouse, Ostrich, Baby Bathrobe, Trash Can Pal, Skipper's First Dance Gown, Graduation Doll, Space Ship Spread, Dessert Life (Starfish Flower Succulent, Bishop's Cap Cactus, Living Stone Succulent, Fuzzy Spider), Burst of Lavender Round Tablecloth, Any Season Any Reason Pop- Up Tissue Cover, Small Doily in Shell Stitch, Chic Beret, TV Guide Book Cover, Phone Book Cover, Fanciful Flowers Bathroom Set (Lid Cover & Rug), Horse Rug or Wall Hanging, Murphy Pins (look like Smurfs), Baby Sweater Set (Sweater, Bonnet Bootees), Graduation Hat Favors, Wedding Garter, Heart Shape Ring Pillow, Umbrella Favors, Broomstick Bed Jacket, Bridal Purse, Wedding Bell Sachet. Very good used condition.

$6.99 SOLD
GS-7027 Crochet World August 1983.

Crochet World August 1983. Toddler Deer Sweater, Beagle Jump Rope, Corsages & Rose Buds for Dolls, Beautiful Creamy- White Bedspread, Flower Filet Fan, Shell Fan, Turtle & Rabbit Finger Puppets, Fluttery Mobile, The Flutterby Butterfly Pencil Puppet, Baby's Hooded Carrying Shawl, Baby Set (Sweater, Bonnet, Booties), Toothbrush Holders, Lion Pajama Bag, Summer Outfit for Barbie (Halter Shorts, Pants, Bikini, and Beach Top), Cable Stitch Afghan, Motif Jumper, Summer Baby: Set of Breakfast Bibs and Carriage Cover, Happy Clown Wall Hanger, Gingham Strawberries Boutique Tissue Box Cover, Clown Potholder, Cupcake Pincushion, Carnation Scented Covers & Matching Potholder (Stick Up Cover, Renuzit Cover), Looped Bull's Eye Pillow, Pincushion Panorama (Pink Lady, Granny Square Pincushion I, Granny Square Pincushion II, Grape Cluster Pincushion), Crochet Sewing Basket. Very good used condition.

$6.99 SOLD
GS-6926 Crochet World, October 1983.

Crochet World October 1983. Baby Love Dress for 18" baby doll, Baby's Rosebud Hat, Mug Cozy, Moth Ball Closet Moth, Umbrella Potholder, Dresser Organizers, Toilet Paper Doll Holder, Trick or Treat Goodie Bag, Ghost and Witch Pencil Toppers, Kitchen Witch, Refrigerator Penguin, Refrigerator Turtle, Skillet Fridgie, Cat Fridgie, Bingo Pillow, Patchwork Pullover in Jacquard Crochet, Black Cat Pin, Sweater Dress for 12" - 14" doll, The Sampler Sweater, Barbie Lingerie (Slip, Robe, Panties, Skirt, Baby Doll Pajamas), Witch Puppet, Jack O' Lantern Puppet, Mr. Snoots Scarecrow Doll, Flower Center Pineapple Doily, Pretty Pineapple Doily, Rectangular Gypsy Afghan, Musical Note Men Tote Bag, Lover's Knot Lace Collar, Halloween Puppet Bag Purse with Two Halloween Finger Puppets, Cat, Mushroom Comet Cover. Very good condition.

GS-5626 Crochet World December 1983.

Crochet World December 1983. Touch of Frost Collar, Pop- Up Santa, SnowflakeThrow Pillow, Santa Broom, Sun Catcher Shade Pull/ Decoration, Hannukah Menorah Wall Hanging, christmas Ornaments, Rose Candleholder, Preteen Leg Warmers, Christmas Tree Wall Hanging, Frosty The Snowman Puppet Bag Purse, Ski Mask, Potpourri, Fashion Doll Formal, Graphically Yours Snowflake Apron & Pothoders, Christmas Carollers, Santa Hat for Kids, All Occasion Neck Wear, Reversible Hat, Christmas Tree Garland, Lady Blue Doll Cover, Bunny Baby Car Suit & Sleeper, Slippers, Christmas Ornaments by Viola Parker, Reversible Insulated Vest, Unicorn Puppet. Very good condition.

GS-8430 Crochet World, August 1984.

Crochet World August 1984. "Sachet Set from the Past" (Purse, Hat), Wagon Wheels Afghan, Basic Black Coverup and Clutch, Fashion Doll Bathing Suit, Troll Family (Papa, Trollete, and Troll), Fashion Doll Square Dance Ensemble (Peasant Blouse, Skirt, Shrug, Little Sister Shrug), Fireman Finger Puppet, Flower Dresser Scarf, Glass Jacket, Flowers - A Baby or Toddler Blanket (Sunbonnet Sue in Afghan Stitch), Pullover Sweater, Squaw Gown, Granny Square Baby Hat, Toddler's Two- Piece Swim Suit, Geometric Rug and Toilet Tissue Cover, Birthday Cake, Dress Potholder, Sundress Mini- Jacket, Ensemble for 11-1/2" Doll: Long and Short Jumpsuit and Dress, Treasure Can Cat - Elephant- Unicorn - Teddy Bear, Granny Square Booties, Little Child's Ice Cream Cone Neck Purse, Very good used condition.

GS-6927 Crochet World, December 1984.

Crochet World December 1984. Child's Hat, Amy Doll with Pet Dog (looks like Lil Orphan Annie), College Cover, Turkey, Fancy Shell Apron, Santa Claus Booties, Two Sizes Candle Tissue Covers, Childrens' Christmas Vests (Santa & Frosty), Pineapple Dress for 11-1/2" Barbie, Gingerbread Cookie House and Carolerers, Trio of Stockings for Christmas, Marshmallow Stitch Sweater, Men's Granny Square Bathrobe, Tree Trims (Candle, Wreath, Oval Frame, Basket, Cross, Flowers & Leaves), Vest Bottle Cover, Reindeer Finger Puppet, Santa Christmas Tree Ornament, Ripples and Ridges christmas Tree Skirt, Tree Ornaments (Frosty, Santa, Rudolph, Elf), Freddy Frog Puppet Mittens, Door Bells, Granny Multicolor Jacket, Santa & Frosty dolls, Christmas Wrath, Owl Bride Tissue Holder, Loopy Trim Hat & Scarf, Cupie Angels, Very good condition.

GS-7109 Crochet World Omnibook, Spring 1985

Crochet World Omnibook, Spring 1985. Spotlight on Dolls and Doll Clothes: Wardrobe for the 14- 15" Baby Doll (Poncho, Pants, Hat, Tee Shirt, Panties, Puff Sleeve Dress, Matching Short Pants and Top), Fashion Doll Lingerie (Bra- Top Slip, Panties), Fashion Doll Sweet Garden Party Dress, Fashion Doll Violet outfit, Barbie Doll Sleeping Bag, Barbie Doll Two- Piece Wedding Dress and Veil, Barbie EveningGown and Off the Shoulder Wrap, Clothes for the Skipper Doll (Yellow Dress and Hat, Rupple Pattern Dress and Hat), 9" Cupie Doll Clothes (Panties, Swimming Suit and Matching Top, Sundress, Hat, Leotard with Tutu and Matching Hat & Slippers, Jeans, Blouse, Sandals, Nightie) Sweethart Couple Heart Dolls, Valentine Bed Doll, Fireman Pottie Peeker, Country Mouse doll, Frog Prince Doll; also, Easter Egg Pincushion or Sachet, Santa Claus Crochet Hook Caddy, Frosty Pink Purse, Filet Top for Pincushion with Irish Edge, Cookie Purse, Kitten Fridgie, Easter Basket Fridgie or Lapel Pin, Friendly Rabbit, Bible Cover, Festive Soap Covers (Valentine's, Easter, Christmas), Old Fashioned Lace Dress (in ladies' sizes), First Communion Veil and Headpiece, Tiny Turtle, Butterfly Potholder, Spring Top, Lettuce Patch Fridgie, Clown Doorknob Cover, Strawberries and Flowers Doorknob Hanger, A Tisket A tasket A little Crochet Basket, Gift Container. Very good used condition.

GS-7272 Crochet World, December 1985.

Crochet World, December 1985. Snowmen for the Bathroom Toilet Tissue Cover & Seat Cover, Mr. & Mrs. Santa, Christmas Mobile, Little Playmates Mittens (Hungry Harry, Grumpy Gus, Bernie, Curt, Yellow Bird, Rover), Doodlings Doily, Cross & Flame filet wll hanging, International Dolls -- Miss Scotland (11"), Pineapple Blouse (Pattern Drafting For Crochet), Package Tag or Tree Decoration, Griffon, Reason for The Season Nativity Wreath, Candle Centerpiece, Perky Tom Turkey, Boy's Duck Short Pants, Poinsettia Christmas Pillow, Ripples With Holoy Tree Skirt, Warming Ways Hat - Scarf - Hobo Gloves, 8 Snowflakes, Angel Ornament "Baby's First Christmas", Christmas Trolls (Caroling Dress, Carloer, Drummer Boy Outfit), Jolly Snowman Bank, Ornaments (Egg Shaped, Christmas Tree Star, Rudolph, Mr and Mrs. Santa Mouse), Happy Holly- Days Wall Hanging, Christmas Candle Cleanser Cover, Holiday Waist Watcher, Large Wreath With Candle. Very good condition.

GS-5183 Crochet World, April 1986.

Crochet World, April 1986. Egg Carton Chicks, Puppets for Easter, Bankes for Easter, Easter Doorknob Covers, Snuggle Bunny, Rabbit Covered Pencil Head, Small Rabbit Easter Basket, Afghan Stitch Shoulder Bag, Filet Tablecloths, Miss Holland for 13" doll, Granny Duck in a Basket, Mrs. Rabbit Dresser Doll, Watermelon and Lemon Slice Rugs, Connie's Petunia Patch Doily, Barbie's Victorian Dress, Toy Lion, The Big Jacket, Child's Gingham est, Fruit or Flower Bowl, Pineapple Dress, Patchwork Pillow Tops, Oval Picture Frames, DaffodilPin, Shamrock Leprechaun Wall Hanger, Bible Cover, Bible Cover with Matching Bookmark, Bavarian Spring, Granny Square Jumper or Vest, Shell Stitch Sweater, and Clustered Center Motif Baby Sweater. Good condition.

2 Available

$6.99 SOLD
GS-6928 Crochet World Omnibook, Spring 1986.

Crochet World Omnibook, Spring 1986. Child's Cowgirl Outfit, Cheer Bunny, Happy/ Sleepy Bunny, Bunny Basket, Duck Basket, Heart Shaped Trinket Box, Spring Violets Wreath, Clown Pottie Peeker, Popcorn and Lace 2- Piece Dress, Fun Boots, Stubbykins Animals (Pig, Turtle, Hippo, Elephant, Mouse, Tiger), Special Occasion Nostalgic Napkin Rings, Five Fruit Fridgies (Apple, Banana, Pear, Orange, Watermelon), Balloon Wall Hanging, 3- Piece Doll OUtfit for 18" Doll, Pineapple Bedspread, People Magnets (Uncle Barney, Ms. Hope, Aunt TIlie, Lee Mae Bride), Mabel doll, Peek- A- Boo Dolls (Little Red/ Wolf, Alice/ Rabbit, Dorothy/ Lion, Goldy/ Mama Bear), Springtime Doll (7-/12"), Hunter's Sock Gift Holder, 3" Troll Doll Cloths (Disco Outfit, Formal Gown), Tiny Picture Frames, Baby's Safety Pin Holder, Starling Lace, Granny Feather Duster Doll, "Little Laura" Afghan or Wall Hanging, Ruffled Baby Poncho and Socks, Rosebud Sachet, Daisy Corsage, Shamrock Fridgie with Daisy, Adopted Kids Flapper Dress & Headbanc, Child's Tote Bag with Attached Change Purse. Very good condition.

$6.99 SOLD
GS-6929 Crochet World, October 1986.

Crochet World, October 1986. Borus Bat, Halloween Hats (Witch, Teddy Bear, Pumpkin Stem, Nurse, Prince or Princess crown, Pumpkin Hat and Purse, Jack O Lantern Halloween Candy Bowl, Little Witch, Midnight Lapel Pin, Glenda Good- Witch (7-1/2" doll), Black Cat Potholder, Child's Vest, Fan Potholder or Wall Hanging, Mohair Tam and Boa, Baa Baa Blanket, Frog Calling Couple, Sweet Miss Italy (11" little girl doll), Lightweight Sweater Vest, School Jacket- Hat- Scarf for "Adopted Dolls", Sports Magnets (Bowling Ball & Pin, Baseball & Bat, Basketball, Bolf Club, Football, Halloween Afghan Square, Butterfly Afghan Square, Rose Afghan, Sweet Suzy Renuzit Doll Cover- Up, Hairpin Lace Baby Dress- Bonnet- Booties,Fashion Doll Clothes (Dress, Shawl, & Hat with Variations and Accessories), Rocket Bear, Diamond Shell Baby Bonnet, Eternal Table Centerpiece. Very good condition.

$6.99 SOLD
GS-6869 Crochet World Omnibook, Fall 1987.

Crochet World Omnibook, Fall 1987. Adopted Kids Pineapple Dress with Slip & Hat, Baby's Lacy Carriage Cover, Oriental Classic set for little girls (Jacket, Top, Pants), Bear Pottie Peeker, Witch Pillow, Bear and Piggy Kitchen Sets (Potholder, Towel Holder, Magnet), Two Angels for Christmas, Barbie's Gown and Hat, Fashion Doll Square Dance Dress, Oktoberfest Puff Petals Afghan, '57 Chevy Filet, Mustang Blanket or Wall Hanging, Sport Can Holders, Pineapple Tablecloth, Size 40 Women's Pullover, Patriotic Quartet dolls (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines). Very good condition.

$6.99 SOLD
GS-8157 Crochet World February 1988.

Crochet World, February 1988. Hearts and Flowers Wreath, Cozy Quilt Coverlet, Spring Bouquet Pillow, Crochet Hook Case, Aspi the Dog, Black- Eyed Susan Lace, Tiny Sweater Vest, Maggie Doll, 'My Pig" and 7 variations, Grow With You Sweater, Loop Stitch Puppy Dog, Picnic Morning Dress (18" doll), Strawberry Sherry Doll (yarn hair doll), Fashion Doll Cowgirl Outfit, Barbie's Pineapple Creme Dress, Iona's Doily, International Dolls (Miss Estonia, 12" craft doll), Edelweiss Medallion, Ladies Pullover Vest, Hairpin Lace for Socks and Collars, Jamie Romper, Miniature Doll Clothes (2-1/2" dolls), WIndow Wonder Afghan, Calliope Mat. Very good used condition.

GS-7028 Crochet World April 1988.

Crochet World, April 1988. Hooded Baby Sweater & Mocassins, Butterfly Receiving Blanket, Girl's Flowered Vest, Pink & Blue Dress for 19" fashion doll, Bunny Bib, Just Ducky Baby Set (Bunting, Hat, and Blanket), Bunny Hold basket hugger, Fisherman Bear, Clowns on Parade Wallhanging and Catch- all, Old Fashioned Teddy Bear, Welcome Hearts Wallhanging, Country Kitchen Set (Goose Rug, Chair Pads, Place Mats, and Potholder), Pitcher and Bowl, Red and White Folk Afghan, Hoe & Hearts Pillow, Bunny Love Pillow, Rabbit Wreath, Country Flowers Rug, ABC Cat, Pinewpple Bluebird Pillowcase, Tam and Scarf Set, Timely Doily Trio, International Dolls: Miss Swiss (11" doll). Very good used condition.

GS-7029 Crochet World Omnibook, Fall 1988

Crochet World Omnibook, Fall 1988. Country Blossoms and Lace Part II (Camisole, Stole, Lace Bag), Flower Doily, Country Comfort Child's Pants - Jacket - Hat), Hat Wall Hanging, Pencil Snowman, Indian Style Rug, Indian Eagle Afghan, Mother and Daughter Collars, Rose Earrings Precious Pearls Collar, Kerchief Edgings, Victorian Purse, Toddler's Slip- On Bib, Short Sleeve Sweater, Ragg Trio, Crocheted Blouse, Sweater - Hat- Leg Warmers Set, Misses Short Sleeve Sweater, Crocheted Blouse, White Fluff Sweater, Bows Baby Set (Afghan, Booties, Bonnet, Dress), Cloche Hat, Men's Chunky Sweater, Chipper the Chipmunk, Fritz Fox, Teacher's Pet Elephant, Chef Portly Pottie Peaker. Very good used condition.

$6.99 SOLD
GS-6930 Crochet World, December 1988.

Crochet World, December 1988. Lattice and Lace Baby Afghan, Peanut Butter and Jelly Dolls, Red and White Dress for 20" doll, Fashion Doll's Empire Dress, Miss Mexico (13" doll), Demure Collar, Pristine Coller, Paper Dolls Collar, Prim and Proper Collar, Child's Puff Sleeve Dress, Child's Wave of Color Sweater, Elegant Serape and Scarf, Christmas Bulb Ornaments (Santa, Snowman, Christmas Bulb, Angel), Muffler and Glove Set, Christmas Ruffles Centerpiece, Chritmas Mice, Treetop Angel, 3 tree Trims (crocheted around cookie cutters), Christmas Tree Runner, Santa & Snowman Hot Pads, Country Christmas Pillows, Snowman Stocking, Square and Round Pillows, Scooper Dooper Dishcloth, Mesh star Doily, Blue Plaid Afghan, Town Square Afghan, Raised Stripe Baby Afghan. Overall wear, some turned bottom corners.

$6.99 SOLD
GS-6931 Crochet World, June 1989.

Crochet World, June 1989. Basket- Weave Sweater, Floral Pot Holder and Hot Mat, Tiger Cat, Lilac Diamond Vest, Hat Wall Hanging with Pink Roses, Man's Boatneck Sweater, Puff- Sleeved Filet Pullover, Adopted Kid's Bride Dress, Pineapple Pillow, Pineapple Cup and Saucer, Miss Spain (13" doll), Baby Sweater, Cream Barbie Dress, Senior Prom Barbie, Water Melon Chair Set, Baby Sweater, Baby Bear, Girls' Diagonal Stripe Sweater and Skirt, Doily With Hearts, Pineapple Motif Doily, Pretzel Magnet, Ducks Baby Afghan, Lacy Peasant Blouse, Cat Shaped Pillow, Hearts & Bows Bag, Mohair Top. Former owner's name on cover, general wear, note on one photo as to where pattern is located.

$6.99 SOLD

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