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Updated 13 November 2016
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       Reminder: All pattern booklets are used, and condition varies from near-mint to not-so-hot, Please note that these publications come from various sources, and may have been stored in a smoking environment. I'll try to note obvious defects, but may miss something.

        Unless otherwise noted, I have only one copy of each publication. Due to copyright laws, I can only sell patterns in the form in which they are published -- no photocopies, scans, pdf's, etc. First come, first served, and all patterns sold "as is."

       Shipping & Handling will be added to all orders, as well as 6% sales tax for MI residents.


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Hooked on Crochet!, Page 2:

       Hooked on Crochet! was published by Jerry Gentry (later, DRG), and featured top crochet designers such as Carolyn Christmas, Michele Wilcox, Barbara Anderson, Donna Piglowski, and many others -- including myself!

GS-5483 Hooked on Crochet! #37, Jan-Feb 1993

Hooked on Crochet! #37, Jan-Feb 1993: Crisscross Afghan, Pretty Pebbles Doily, Abracadabra Rabbit in Hat Notepad Holder, Wine & Roses Afghan, Trio of Pillows, Puppy Toe Cozy, Bedroom Slippers, Shifting Sands Afghan, I Love Ewes Stuffed Lamb Couple, Precious Pets Siamese Cat and Poodle Earrings, Apple Blossoms Tablecloth, Sporty Cap, Granny Squares Tote, Red Rose Sachet. Very good condition.

GS-5484 Hooked on Crochet! #38, Mar-April 1993

Hooked on Crochet! #38, Mar-April 1993: Bunny Suit for Teddy, DandyDusters, Desert Garden Afghan, Celestial Pals Moon and Star Pillows, Regal Setting Placemat & Napkin Holder, Spring Baskets Doily, Party Mask Earrings, Rows of Posies Afghan, Fashion Parade Fashion Doll Western Outfit and Jogging Suit, Early Blooms Doily, Breakfast Time Pot Holder & Napkin Rings, Just For Baby Ripple Afghan, Fancy Brights Hair Ornament. Very good condition.

GS-5485 Hooked on Crochet! #39, May-Jun 1993

Hooked on Crochet! #39, May-Jun 1993: Play Ball Decorative Baseball, Mitt, and Ball; Fiesta Dishcloths, Barn Raising Afghan, Bessie Belle doll dress, Baby Blocks Baby Afghan, Dainty Doilies, Waves of Aqua Afghan, Toys 'n' Totes ( totes for Checkers, Jacks, and Marbles), Pretty Ruffles Ponytail Holders, Wagon Wheels Table Runner, Perfectly Pink Baby Sweater Set, Bookmarks for Bookworms (Fish, Worm, and Bluebird). Very good condition.

GS-8085 Hooked on Crochet! #46, Jul-Aug 1994

Hooked on Crochet! #46, Jul-Aug 1994: Whimsical Whisks (Theodora Bear, Cassandra Cat, Rosie Rabbit), Glitterfly Choker, Bright Spots (Wheel Motif, Star Motif, Square Motif, Sunburst Motif), Highland Fling afghan, Scalloped Sunburst Doily, Playtime Pal baby toy, Exquisite Eyelet Spread- Size Afghan, Evergreen Lace runner, Summer Fare Jar Lid Covers (squash, corn, carrots), Diamonds 'n Squares Afghan, Floral Cascade Shawl, Cotton Comforts Pot Holders and Chair Pads, Puppy Love Air Freshener Cover. Good condition.

GS-6661 Hooked on Crochet! #53, Sept - Oct 1995

Hooked on Crochet! #53, Sept - Oct 1995: Pumpkin Pair Basket & Flower Pot, Stylish Slippers, Granny's Darling baby hat, Magic Carpet Ride Afghan, Autumn Blooms Doily/ Table Cover, Crayon Barrette, Witch Bear, Zesty Zebra Afghan, Colorful Carryall Hook Holder, Finger Puppets (Witch Ghost, Ghost, Jack- O- Lantern), Paper Doll Coverlet baby afghan, Water Lily Pillow, Cluster Stitch Hat, Pumpkin Sweatshirt, Ribbon Edging. Very good condition.

GS-5492 Hooked on Crochet! #55, Jan-Feb 1996

Hooked on Crochet! #55, Jan-Feb 1996: Gingerbread Stripes Afghan, Sweethearts Thread Ornaments, Valentine Angel, Rufles & Roses Barrettes, Ankle Bells, Plate Separators Doilies, Doll Wardrobe for 5-1/2" doll (Police, Fire, Karate), Sweetheart Pillow with Cats, Circle of Love Baby Afghan, Lip Balm Necklace, Dainty Bell, Violet Ripple Afghan. Very good condition.

$7.99 SOLD
GS-6467 Hooked on Crochet! #57, May- June1996

Hooked on Crochet! #57, May- June 1996: Daisy Sachet, Purse Collection (Eyeglass Case, Checkbook Cover, Credit Card Holder), Rose Doily Set, Animal Club Covers (Bunnies, Cows),Pitcher Magnet, Zig Zag Afghan (Afghan stitch), Evening Shade Afghan, Bed Jacket, Graduation Keepsake (miniature mortarboard and diploma), Beach Bag, Southern Dogwood Afghan, Mighty Fisherman teddy bear with fish, Teacup Pot Holder, Floral Squares Pillow, Shell Doily, Pouch Necklace. Very good condition, but may smell slightly musty.

GS-5493 Hooked on Crochet! #59, Sept-Oct 1996

Hooked on Crochet! #59, Sept-Oct 1996: Delft Delight Afghan, Curly- Q Doily, Potpourri Pals, Glass Cozy, Grape Leaf Afghan, Sweet & Sassy Hat, Rippin' Ray Referee, Baby Night Cap, Ruffled Frame, Aran Elegance Afghan, Stitcher's Friend Chatelaine, tangerine Witch for 15" doll, Special Addition T- Shirt Insert, Nursery Notions Shoulder Protector and Bottle Cover, Mini Goody Baskets. Very good condition.

$7.99 SOLD
GS-5494 Hooked on Crochet! #60, Nov-Dec 1996

Hooked on Crochet! #60, Nov-Dec 1996: Tabletop Tree, Reversible Stripe Afghan, Santa & Snowman Pillows, Tulip Teapot Cozy, Glitter Stocking, Rose Afghan, Thomas Turkey Esq. napkin holder, Treasury Photo Album, Popcorn Garland, Poinsettia Bell, Tree Pin Cushion, Holstein Afghan, Fashion Neck Scarf, Wreath Napkin Rings. Looks like center pages may have become detached from staple and were taped in. Otherwise very good condition.

GS-5505 Hooked on Crochet! #64, Jul-Aug 1997

Hooked on Crochet! #64, Jul-Aug 1997: Patriotic Granny Afghan, Granny Baby Set (sweater, afghan, bonnet, booties), Pastel Bricks Afghan, Flower Garden Pillow, Lady's Pleasure Doily, Forest Friends snake and frog toilet tissue holder, Summer Heather Afghan, Honeycomb Rug, Ruffled Tulip Doily, My Little Angel Doll, Basket Towel appliques, Ribbon Rose, Pen & Pad Holder, Soda Pop Poodle, Grand Baroque Edging. May have Months/ year written on front cover; may smell slightly of cigarette smoke. Otherwise very good condition.

2 Available

GS-5506 Hooked on Crochet! #65, Sept-Oct 1997

Hooked on Crochet! #65, Sept-Oct 1997: Gemstone Waves Afghan, Chester the Spider, Antique Medallions Afghan, Fall Foliage Napkins, Dye Lot Dilemma Afghan, Lacy Delight cardigan, Spider Mum Doily, Halloween Glass Cozies, Svannah Doily, Snowflake Marker, Drawstring Pouch, pumpkin Patch Pillow, Autumn Duet Tricolor Checks Hat, Bagdelena Bar bag holder. Very good condition

GS-6468 Hooked on Crochet! #66, Nov- Dec 1997

Hooked on Crochet! #66, Nov- Dec 1997: Christmas Card Holder, Holiday Wreaths Afghan, Country Edgings, Mr. & Mrs Santa, Baby Doll Backpack, Cats Afghan, Soap Pocket, Star Bright Petals Afghan, Flowered Headband, Victorian Boxes, Ribbed Cuff Comfies slippers, Creamy Dream Doily, Candle For All Seasons, Lacy Place Mat & Coaster, Christmas Pins (Santa Hat, Skate, Mitten). Underlining on one pattern to keep track of rows, but otherwise very good condition.

$7.99 SOLD
GS-6883 Hooked on Crochet! #68, Mar- Apr 1998

Hooked on Crochet! #68, Mar- Apr 1998: Country Spring Afghan, Pineapple Fan Doily, Checkerboard Afghan, Pot Holder Set, Country Animals (Dog, Bunny, Pig, Sheep, Cow), Christams Bear, Shaggy Pillow, Frog Doorstop, Napkin Edgings, Fishy Fridgies, Posies T- Shirt, Baby Afghan & Bib, Pastel Coasters. Writing on one page, but otherwise very good used condition

GS-5850 Hooked on Crochet! #69, May- June 1998

Hooked on Crochet! #69, May- June 1998: Southwest Duo Afghan & Pillow, Ballroom Belle Fashion Doll Gown, Cluster Stitch Purse, Wishing Well, Ruffles & Roses Baby Afghan, Birthday Cake, Nun Doll Air Freshener, Sewing Helper pin cushion jar cover, Octagon Doily, Hankie & Gookmark, Picture Frame Tissue Box Cover, Sunflower Dress Clip, Cozy Comfort Afghan, LunchMoney Necklace, Mini Mouse Bookmark, Towel Trim, Scrunchies. Very good condition

$7.99 SOLD
GS-5523 Hooked on Crochet! #70, Jul-Aug1998

Hooked on Crochet! #70, Jul-Aug 1998: Diamonds & Roses Afghan, Angel Wings Doily, Mouse Beanbag, Fashion Doll Choir Girl, White Stole, Twilight Shadows Afghan, Baby Doll Bunting for 12" doll, Little Angel f or 4-1/2" fashion doll little sister, Patriotic Bear, Spring Violets Doily, Lounging Slippers, Victorian Plaid Afghan, Duck Applique, Lacy Vest. Very good condition

GS-6191 Hooked on Crochet! #71, Sept-Oct 1998

Hooked on Crochet! #71, Sept-Oct 1998: Spider and Turkey Tissue Covers, Baby Cap & Mittens Set, Dresden Afghan, Floral Maidens Air Freshener Dolls, Scalloped Mat placemat, Currents Afghan, Flower Garden Baby Blanket, Tiffany Doily, Love Knot Wedding Frame, Pumpkin Napkin Holder, Ladies' Slippers, Jade Trimmed Frame, Bear Sachet, Miss Pearl Ghost, Jack- O- Lantern Basket. Very good condition

GS-5524 Hooked on Crochet! #72, Nov-Dec 1998

Hooked on Crochet! #72, Nov-Dec 1998: Wreath Lapghan, Singing Angel fashion doll, Inspirational Doily, Girl's Shoulderette, Festive Bow Afghan, Christmas Elves, Christmas Ripple Afghan, Little Christmas Bags, Jingle Bells Door Hanger, Mitten Ornament, Potpourri Poinsettia, Award Ribbon Pin, Mini Angel, Holiday Bun Cover. Very good condition

$8.99 SOLD
GS-5525 Hooked on Crochet! #73, Jan-Feb 1999

Hooked on Crochet! #73, Jan-Feb 1999: Delft Tablecloth, Valentine Tissue Cover and Basket Set, Sunflower Pillow, Tailor's Weave Afghan, Aran Jacket & Ear Warmer, Ring Around the Rosy Afghan, Buttercup Doily, Corene Air Freshener doll, Heart Ornaments, Floral Ripple Afghan, Daisy Chatelaine, Red Bow Hairpin. Very good condition

$7.99 SOLD
GS-5526 Hooked on Crochet! #76, Jul-Aug 1999

Hooked on Crochet! #76, Jul-Aug 1999: Patrotic Pinwheel Afghan, Little Miss July Tissue Cover Doll, Autumn Pot Holders, Persian Ripple Afghan, Spring Chicken, Candle Wrap, Heirloom Rose Pin, Uncle Sam Magnet, Floral Pinwheel Afghan, Ada Marie Doily, Flower Girl Air Freshener Doll, Starburst Doily, Baby Ornament, Handy Walker Pack, Dainty Covered Hanger, Dogwood Blossom Applique, Sunny Pincushions. Very good condition

GS-6662 Hooked on Crochet! #79, Jan- Feb 2000

Hooked on Crochet! #79, Jan- Feb 2000: Floral Splendor Afghan, Sweetheart Bib & Booties, See No Evil Monkeys, jungle Eyes Afghan, Valentine Bear, Mary Grace baby dress & bonnet in thread, Chunky Pillows, Evening Sweater & Bag, Pretty In Pink Doily, Elegant Pastels Afghan, You're Number One pin, Eyeglasses Case, Valentine Pin. Very good used condition

GS-5549 Hooked on Crochet! #84, Dec 2000

Hooked on Crochet! #84, Dec 2000: Hollyberry Lap Throw and Walker Tote, Dog Sweater, Coral Dishcloth, Checkered Hat, CD Rom Coaster, Mouse Party Favors, Autumn Seranade fashion doll bed doll gown, Wreath Afghan, Snowflake Doily, Reindeer Magnet, Christmas Wreaths for magnets or pins, Hockey Scarf. Tag on cover, but otherwise very good condition

GS-5550 Hooked on Crochet! #85, Feb 2001

Hooked on Crochet! #85, Feb 2001: Pineapple Teardrop Doily, Spanish Dancer Fashion Doll Bed Doll, Bird Bookmark, Pineapple Poncho, Miniature Baby Booties, Petite Doily, Seasonal Bells (Christmas Tree, Jack- O- Lantern, Shamrock, Bunny, Heart, Turkey, Flag, Fruits & Vegetables), Quick Pot Holders, Bonnet & Booties, Floral Afghan. Definitely used: Cover wrinkling & wear, edge & page wear.

GS-5536 Hooked on Crochet! #87, June 2001

Hooked on Crochet! #87, June 2001: Filet Frills Afghan, Romantic Evening Bag, Dioly Dolls, Shell and Skirt,Flower Baby Afghan, Pinwheel Doily, Oxford on the Double Afghan, Footstool Caddies, Quick and Easy Dishmop, Medieval Bride fashion doll, Baby Face Dishcloth. Good condition

GS-6884 Hooked on Crochet! #89, Oct 2001

Hooked on Crochet! #89, Oct 2001: Portadown Poncho, Pincushion and Booties, Star Doily, Spooky Spider, Candy Cup, On- The- Go Purse, Leopard Set (Afghan, Pillow, Footstool), Storybook Finger Puppets (Goldilocks & the Three Bears), Nine- Patch Afghan, A Scary Little Ghost, Southwest Decor Candle Cover. Very good condition

GS-5537 Hooked on Crochet! #94, Aug 2002

Hooked on Crochet! #94, Aug 2002: Hot Pepper Duo Hot Sauce Bottle Cozy and Hot Pepper Dream Catcher, Beginner's Stripes Afghan, Billum Bag Tote, Stars and Stripes casserole Keeper, Patriotic Pride flag afghan, Sparky stuffed puppy, Smiley Face Bookmark, 1913 Day Dress for fashion dolls, Desert Sentinel Globe Cover and Doily, Herat Pin, Dainty Earrings, Scrubby Tomato, Patriotic Laces for shoes. Very good condition

$7.99 SOLD
GS-5538 Hooked on Crochet! #95, Oct 2002

Hooked on Crochet! #95, Oct 2002: Frauelein Gretta (18" doll outfit), Bead Earrings, Scrap Sachet, Leather Jewelry, St. Andrews Plaid afghan, Toes UP Delight Socks, Sunlight Doily, Brights on White Afghan, Tapestry Crochet Scroll and Purse, Slip Stitch Pullover, Pumpkin Bear, Button Brooch, Mitten and Hat Set. Very good condition

$7.99 SOLD
GS-5539 Hooked on Crochet! #96, Dec 2002

Hooked on Crochet! #96, Dec 2002: Holiday Home Tree Skirt, Santa Hat Tree Topper, 9 ornament covers, Gingerbread Pillow, Pixie Afghan, Peppermint Tree, Afghan, Cable Twist Pillow, Snowman, Golden Rings table setting, Hot Pad, Cinnamon Spice Afghan, Santa's Little Helper (for 5-1/2" doll), Cozy Wrap, and Just For Dad Slippers. Very good condition

GS-5540 Hooked on Crochet! #97, Feb 2003

Hooked on Crochet! #97, Feb 2003: Ms. Spring thread crochet doll, Hearts & Flowers Potholders, Towel Topper Trio, Valentine Set Bowl Cover & Doily, Baby Delight (Afghan and Boys' & Girls' Sweaters and Hats), Light & Lacy pillowcase edging, Purple Passion Shawl, Luncheon Set, Valentine Bookmark, Mile- A- Minute Afghan. Very good condition

2 Available

GS-5541 Hooked on Crochet! #99, Jun 2003

Hooked on Crochet! #99, Jun 2003: Pebbles & Ripples Afghan, Splendor Top, Happy Hats, Hairpin Lace throw, Pinwheel Earrings, Patio Rug, Pictos & Shells Hankie Edging, Fantasy Flowers Tote, Happy Hippo, Woven Lace Baby Afghan, Shower Blossoms applique, Wildflowers Doily. Very good condition

GS-5542 Hooked on Crochet! #102, Dec 2003

Hooked on Crochet! #102, Dec 2003: Snowman Set (Hat, Scarf, Mittens, and Toy), Craft Carryall, Homespun Joy Christmas Stocking, Peppermint Pot Holder, Country Christmas Tree Skirt, Holiday Scrunchies, Holiday Sparkle Scarf, Sock Trims, Eskimo Bear, Polish Star Jacket, Frosted Elegance Afghan, Snowman Earrings. Very good condition

GS-5543 Hooked on Crochet! #103, Feb 2004

Hooked on Crochet! #103, Feb 2004: American Beauty Afghan, Uncle Sam-ese stuffed cat, Shoulderette, Fluttering Hearts Valance, Ring of Love Doily, Sweetheart Dress for fashion doll, Heart Applique, Keepsake Box, Fun TIme Toy Net, Served With Love Table Set, Americana Violets Afghan, Strawberry Delight Towel Topper and Magnet. Very good condition

2 Available

PB-002 Cover of Hooked on Crochet issue containing Post Stitch Baby Layette

Hooked on Crochet! #104, June 2004: my Post Stitch Baby Layette, plus Summer Tote, Perfumed Sachet, Frame Cover, Rickrack & Scallops Book Cover, Wedding Rings, Red Hat Pillow, Gentle Waves Afghan, Butterfly Motif Pin, Pineapple Basket.

$12.95 Details & Ordering
GS-5544 Hooked on Crochet! #107, Oct 2004

Hooked on Crochet! #107, Oct 2004: Baby Harp Seal, Tiny Treasures Baby Set (Blanket, Hat, Booties, & Sweater), Rustic Retreat Afghan, Wedgwood Tiles Rug, Sparkling Watercolors Bookmark, Campus Tote, Baby and Buggy Shower Favors, Halloween Lollipop Covers (Pumpkin, Bat, and Witch), Autumn Stripes Afghan, Victorial Sachet, Crayon Colors matcing child and 18" doll sweaters. May have bent corners on some pages; otherwise, very good condition.

2 Available

GS-5545 Hooked on Crochet! #108, Dec 2004

Hooked on Crochet! #108, Dec 2004: Country Snowman Afghan, Holiday Glitz Shawl, floral Ornaments, Golden Rose Pillow, Raspberry Fizz Scarf, Lollipop Covers (Santa, Turkey, Snowman), Angel Wings Doily, Scarecrow & Pumpkin stuffed toys, Little Darling Scarf, Vest, Barrette, and Skirt. Some page wear, but overall very good used condition.

$8.99 SOLD
GS-5546 Hooked on Crochet! #113, Oct 2005

Hooked on Crochet! #113, Oct 2005: Autumn Roses Doily, Teal Vest, Lace Coasters, Baby Love Afghan, Posies Mesh Hat and Scarf, Sunflower Sachet, Super Soft Poncho, Marigold Shell, Kid's Caryall, Cozy Cabin Afghan. Very good condition.

GS-5547 Hooked on Crochet! #115, Feb 2006

Hooked on Crochet! #115, Feb 2006: Roll Stitch Vest, Ladder Scarf, Heart Bag, Rainbow Plaid Afghan, Gracie's Poncho, Storybook Puppets (Red Riding Hood, Wolf, Grama), Romantic Pineapples Doily, Pretty Shells Kitchen Towel, Gingham Hearts Afghan. Very good condition.

PD-009 Hooked on Crochet! June2006, featuring my Day At Silver Beach Cookie Cutter Doll

Hooked on Crochet! June 2006: my "A Day At Silver Beach" Cookie Cutter Doll, plus Stars & Stripes sleeping bag, Luscious in Lime poncho and hat set, Eyeglasses Holder, Knit for Kids, Grape Cluster towel topper, Hideaway Cow blanket and toy, Shells & Lace bookmark . Friendship Rings bookmark. Summer Citrus afghan, Granny Poncho, I Love You pillows, Crystal Waters shrug.

$7.99 Details & Ordering
PC-006 Cover of Hooked On Crochet! December 2006

Hooked on Crochet! Dec 2006: my Roses and Snowflakes Ornaments, plus Holiday Pins (Gingerbread man and candy cane), Rudy the Reindeer, Giggles & Grins sweater, scarf, hat, and purse se, t Little Drummer Bear, Sparkle Scrunchie, Winter Solstice doily, Poinsettia Pot Holder, Papa Noel.

$8.99 Details & Ordering
GS-6076 Annie's Hooked on Crochet! #122, Apr 2007

Annie's Hooked on Crochet! #122, Apr 2007: Roses & Lace Baby Dress, Citrus Lunch Mats, Date Night Purse, sweet Dreams Baby Afghan, Fruit Punch girl's capelet and handbag set, Soft & Sweet little girl's sweater and hat, Pink Daisies doily, Sherbet ony tail holder, Sacred Promise bookmark, Checkers rug. Portion of back cover with address label cut out, but otherwise good condition.

GS-7204 Annie's Hooked on Crochet! #148, August 2007

Annie's Hooked on Crochet! #148, August 2007: Retro Modern Scrap Afghan, Sunflower Bouquet Pot Holder, Scarerow & Pumpkins Centerpiece, Fireside Slouch Sockx, ABC's Rug, Ducks in a Row baby romper, Dainty Floral Coasters, Priceless Peridot Doily, Western Spirit Jacket. Very good condition.

GS-6479 Annie's Hooked on Crochet! #149, Oct 2007

Annie's Hooked on Crochet! #149, Oct 2007: Stained Glass Afghan, At the Hop little girl's Poodle Skirt and vest, Circle of Love Doily, Autumn Place Mat, Trick Or Treat Pumpkin Bag, Topaz Temptation filet doily, Percy the Pilgrim jar topper, Geaded Shells Bag, Plaited Scraps Afghan, Scrubby Pad, Pistachio ladies' sweater. Very good condition.

GS-5548 Annie's Hooked on Crochet! #152, Apr 2008

Annie's Hooked on Crochet! #152, Apr 2008: Rockabye Baby Afghan, Clarice Doily, Wheelchair Tote, Antique Rosebuds Afghan, New Perspectives Jacket, Garden Trellis Tablecloth, Sweet Songbird canary decoration, Simply shells Necklace, Surf's Up beach tote. Good condition.

$7.99 SOLD

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